• 1 on 1 training
  • Individual program
  • For beginners: What exercises? How do you do them? How do you activate your muscles properly? What to do as a warm up?
  • For advanced: Need extra motivation? Need some new input? Want someone else's opinion? Want to just focus on training without having to think about what exercise to do?
  • Athletes: As "offseason" training or extra training to your team training. You will never be better than the average if you only do what the average does.


Details: "Private Sessions"

  • 24/7 support 365  days a year
  • Personal training plan
  • Macro plan or nutrition plan
  • Weekly adaptations
  • Adaptation to your timeline: Vacation, different gym etc.
  • No need to be investing time into driving to a certain place. I will help you from anywhere in the world. A Swiss health coach for anyone.


Details: "Online Coaching"


Interested in getting your co workers healthier? Interested in being part of a community? Go to a yoga class, organize an event?

Details: "Please Contact Me"

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