Personal Trainers can help you get to your goals – of course. But how can they truly help you? What are your fitness goals and how can you find the right fitnesstrainer on your path to weight loss, body composition changes or gaining muscle? The benefits range from more control  over motivation towards a true guide.

Even as an educated personal trainer I have a coach.

Experiences help but to have someone else look at you with a subjective view is always beneficial.

Having a personal trainer guarantees you that you find structure and have someone that watches you – helps to stay accountable.

In this article, I will highlight my background as a personal trainer and how I researched whom to be coached by and what I suggest for YOU to do.

Personal Trainer Luzern: Who is Carmen Anna?

I am a 24 year old personal trainer, working at Indigo Fitness and as a freelance online coach. I have private clients, I teach yoga, do groupfitness classes and am currently working on my Master’s Degree in Business Administration in Business Development and Promotion.

After suffering a career ending back injury while playing ice hockey, I started to do bikini competitions. With the learnings from hiring personal trainers myself, I have from the sport of bodybuilding and my Bachelor in Exercise Science, Pre-Medical, I have started to train and guide people towards their goal.

Personal Trainer Luzern: Why do you need a personal trainer?

  1. Personal Trainers help you stay motivated – Accountability and keeping track of progress.
  2. Personal Trainers can educate you – One of the main benefits of having coach is that you can ask questions. It is so important to ask questions and have a purpose behind what you are doing.
  3. Personal Trainers can prevent injury – Personal Trainers know what to do and how to prevent injury.
  4. Personal Trainers create personalized training plans – The path to your goal is very individual, depending on starting point, time and mindset your training needs to be individualized towards your lifestyle.
  5. Personal Trainers are like unofficial therapists – Issues like back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain can be prevented with proper training and training with the right balance.
  6. Personal Trainers help you stay motivated – Whether it is about the weekly check ins that keep you accountable or just a motivational text. Coaches are here to keep you motivated.
  7. Personal Trainers give you new input – There is tons of new studies and training styles, trainers are educated and stay up to date.

Personal Trainer Luzern: What Should a Fitness Trainer do for you?

Fitness trainers are here to help you reach your goals, whether this is via individual plans or in-person trainings. Find a goal, define it with your personal trainer according to the SMART goals. Make sure you have a long term approach laid out and then set the plan with your personal trainer accordingly.

Personal Trainer Luzern: How and Where to Find a Good Personal Trainer?

Word-of-mouth, at your local gym, via social media or other search engines. The best way to find the best coach for you is to start off with a consultation. This way you can find out if it even is a match. Even as a coach, I have had clients that just did not match. That being said, it is not always the right fit so having a trial period or training first is always a good way to start. Ask your friends who their personal trainer is, do research on personal trainers in your area.

Personal Trainer Luzern: How do I keep Myself Fit While Working in an Office?

One of the main issues that arises within the corporate world is the work-life balance. What I, as a personal trainer, can assist with is to structure your days with the incorporation of training, healthy meals, breaks and the necessary sleep to have you perform at your best at your job and in the gym. Performance is key but to perform the adequate rest is needed as well. We – as personal trainers – are here to help you lay out a successful structure.


Personal Trainer Luzern: Is it worth getting personal trainer? How much does it cost?

Is it worth investing in yourself? What does a car cost? How often can you replace a car during a lifetime? How often can you replace a body? I think this pretty much answers your question. Personal trainers are an investment. But, investing in a personal trainer means you are investing in your own health!

Personal Trainer Luzern: Free consulting with Carmen Anna

One thing I pride myself in is that I work with clients that I know will be successful working with me as your personal trainer. This ties back in with what I said earlier: Commitment and relationship. I want you to succeed, and, if I realize that I am not the right coach for you, or you the right client for me, this needs to be addressed. That being said, I offer free consultations, whether this is in person or during a phone call prior to any type of service I offer.


Carmen Anna Personal Training Services

  • Consultation 30 min. (phone or in-person): FREE
  • 1 x 1  Hour Personal Training 120 CHF
  • 5 x 1 Hour Session 500 CHF
  • 10 x 1 Hour Session 950 CHF
  • Online Coaching (Nutrition and Trainingplans) 4 Weeks 99 CHF
  • Online Coaching (Nutrition and Trainingplans) 8 Weeks 179 CHF
  • Online Coaching (Nutrition and Trainingplans)12 Weeks 249 CHF