My Story:

Growing up I have always been very active: Ski racer, track and field runner, hockey player, soccer, hiking, floorball – you name it.

As I grew up, I focused on hockey. I even moved out of my home at the age of sixteen to pursue my hockey career in British Columbia Canada. Upon finishing high school, I suffered a devastating injury: An L2 burst fracture. I ended up in a wheel chair.

“You may never walk again.” – The devastating news prior to my surgery in June 2014. And guess what? I did walk. I did run. I still do.

After suffering such an injury you truly start to appreciate health more. You appreciate your body. You appreciate your capabilities to move.

There is many stories like mine out there, but to me, I want to be a role model to my clients. WALK YOUR TALK as they say, right?



My goal is to help every individual to perform at THEIR BEST. To help them arrange time for training, cater to their needs, work around injuries, prepare them for a race or competition, help people stay healthy in a stressful job. Whatever challenge you may face, health is always first priority. Because your health is the only thing that money can’t buy.


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